Boston’s Irish Channel is now broadcasting 24 hours a day on 96.9 WTKK HD 2. Listeners can enjoy traditional artists like The Clancy Brothers, Tommy Makem, Phil Coulter and The Irish Tenors, as well as classic rock legends U2 and Van Morrison and the more contemporary sounds of The Saw Doctors, Mary Black, Rubyhorse and The Corrs. From Donegal to Dublin, Waterford to West Cork and Kobh to Kilkenny, The Irish Channel plays a unique blend of the great Irish sing-a-long songs, patriotic anthems, new contemporary artists and all the top hits in between. The musical flavor of the Emerald Isle has never been better represented.

Danny Boy – John McDermott, Wild Rover – The Clancy Brothers, Into the Mystic – Van Morrison, Beautiful Day - U2, Kerry Slides – The Chieftains, Home to Donegal – Daniel O’Donnell, Columbus – Mary Black, Only Time – Enya, The Irish Rover – The Pogues, The Fields of Athenry – Paddy Reilly, The Old Man – Phil Coulter, Radio – The Corrs, Caroline – David Gray.

Simply launch the all inclusive Irish HD tuner. It will tell you artist and title as well and will give you a sneek peek as to who is coming up next.
Irish HD is the High Definition Station of 96.9 WBQT - Hot 96.9 Boston. If you have any issues with hearing the stream for Irish HD, please email the webmaster with your question.